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Help / FAQ

  1. How to add advert?
    To submit an ad, you need to register. After Registration zaloguj się i kliknij przycisk dodaj ogłoszenie znajdujący się w prawym, corner of the page. Account registration is free.
  2. How many ads can I add?
    Any registered user can add any number of notices. There is no need to register separate accounts for different advertisements.
  3. Do you add advertising to pay for?
    Whether the ad is free or paid, and what is possibly the price for adding ads is dependent on the advertising package you choose. Package prices vary depending on the category of the publication of the notice and. Package prices are available here. The price for the option chosen ads (package) is always visible 3 step form to add ads.
  4. Can you delete your own advert?
    So, user control panel allows you to suspend publication of the notice or remove. To do this you must log in to your account. Attention! Ogłoszenia zdjętego z publikacji nie można opublikować ponownie! Należy też pamiętać, że ogłoszenie dotyczące tej samej osoby lub oferty można dodawać nie częściej niż 1 raz na 3 miesiące.
  5. Czy można edytować ogłoszenie opublikowane w serwisie?
    Nie, edycja opublikowanego ogłoszenia nie jest możliwa. W wyjątkowych sytuacjach drobną edycję treści lub danych kontaktowych (eg. błąd w podanym numerze telefonu itp.) może przeprowadzić administrator. W tym celu należy wysłać maila na adres admin /malpa/ anonsik.pl z prośbą o dokonanie takiej poprawki.
  6. How do I delete my profile from the site?
    To completely remove the profile please send an email to admin / monkey / anonsik.pl asking for its removal. Mail must contain the name of the user and must be sent from the email address specified in your profile.
  7. I have pictures showing her face and I want to hide but I can not do that. Can I ask you to perform such an operation?
    So, please add pictures of what you / do you have, and if necessary send them as e-mail to: admin / monkey / anonsik.pl, while in the field “information for the administrator” announced the addition of a form, please write eg: “Please cover your face in the accompanying photographs” . This service is free. Attention! Photos for modification must be posted to me by e-mail! This modification in the pictures attached using a form of notice is not possible!
  8. Someone had used in his notice of my photos or placed an advertisement on my person without my consent. What can I do to have been removed from publications?
    Use contact form or send an email to: admin / monkey / anonsik.pl described abuse. Be sure to specify a link to this ad. We will intervene as soon as possible.
  9. I have other questions…
    Please use the contact form. We will respond as soon as possible.