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Information | 31 March 2011

For visitors

  1. Preview photos on the main list of announcements (Home, Site categories).
    Now, when you hover your mouse over the thumbnail photos to notice right away, it appears larger.
  2. Tag cloud.
    The system of tags, you can choose a one-click advertisements, Issuing where a person reported specific sexual preferences. Np. that the growing dominance of anal sex or.
  3. Map.
    On the side, on the right side in all advertising displayed a map that allows to locate the person declaring or local. Indication accuracy depends on the zamieszczającego / ej advert – he / she determines that give the exact address or just a street or area of ​​the city.
  4. Group announcements.
    Default, on the home page displays a random deals with the category “ladies notices” and “notices pairs”, jednak po kliknięciu w jedną ze znajdujących się tu zakładek można szybko wyodrębnić ze wszystkich kategorii łącznie: latest ads, most popular (most viewed) and recommended. The latter are also seen in the animated bar at the top of the page.
  5. 5 languages.
    Now, content is also available in addition to Polish and in English, German, Spanish and Russian.

For imparting notice

  1. New User area.
    Panel performs several functions. First of all, control and management of such advertisements:

    • provides information about the expiration date of the addition and ads, number of visits and type of package (Advertising package determines the cost and time of publication for the category),
    • You can delete, Pause or resume ads issue (even after its expiry) .

    Indicates the access control on the last logon to the panel, announcements and gives statistics to change passwords, email address and display name.

  2. New categories of announcements.
    Now, in addition to announcements are distinct categories of women with offers of pairs, men, premises and work-related ads in the erotic business. It should be noted, that each category has a separate form to add ads, it is important that the first step to add correctly select the category for your advertisement.
  3. Opportunity to promote (awards) Classifieds.
    After selecting the appropriate option “Recommended”) w formularzu dodawania ogłoszenia ogłoszenie znajdzie się dodatkowo w animowanym pasku na górze strony oraz w zakładce “Recommended” on the home page. Opcja “Recommended” if available, is active all the time of publication, whether the selected package 30, 60 or 90 days.
  4. Automatic translation of the content ads.
    Anonsik.pl service is now available in 5 languages. Is explained by the contents of the announcement added, depending on the selected visitors will be able to read your proposal is also in English, German, Spanish or Russian.

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