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  1. General Provisions.
    1. Internet service www.anonsik.pl hereafter referred to as service is intended for adults only.
    2. Service allows guests and registered users and service operators that work with the presentation and promotion of their advertisements, however, is not a party to nor agent of any agreements.
    3. The content of adverts is for informational purposes only and can not be trampled as a commercial offer.
    4. Viewing the contents of this service is free of charge.
  2. Users.
    1. To add a notice to register with the site which means the creation of individual user account.
    2. Registered users receive access to the panel to manage their adverts added.
    3. By registering you consent to the processing and use of specified data for marketing purposes by the editors, Site administrators or owners.
    4. Registered user account, which is not made for the proper login 180 days may be deleted without notice.
  3. Obligations and rights
    1. Service strives to publish only true and reliable but because of the announcement of such, that it is not possible to fully verify all, assumes no responsibility for their accuracy as well as:
      1. Advertisements, comments and any unauthorized by the editors of the papers published by users look on his pages,
      2. possible to embed images or other material by users of the service in violation of copyright or without the consent of their respective owners,
      3. any consequences resulting from the use of service resources,
      4. constraints in the functioning of, temporary or permanent suspension of service due to technical problems.
    2. Editors and site administrators reserve the right to:
      1. refuse to publish ads, announcements and all other content published by users, If you suspect, that they are inconsistent with the rules, applicable law or the rules of social conduct,
      2. Removal w / wz for the same reasons,
      3. cessation of service, add new or change their nature or functionality,
      4. introduction of additional requirements to meet the conditions for the use of a particular part of our site,
      5. block and / or delete user accounts do not respect the provisions of the Terms of Service.
    3. The website administrator will make every effort to ensure that the registered users are properly secured, does not give 100% guarantee their protection against loss due to technical failure or attempted theft.
    4. It is forbidden to:
      1. copying any part or content of this site without written permission from the administrator,
      2. dissemination via the service, in any form, illegal content, Offensive, vulgar or otherwise violate the rules of social,
      3. any action detrimental to the service or its members,
      4. advertise products, services or other services or websites without the consent of the administrator.
      5. use the service to support illegal activity.
  4. Adding and publication of notices.
    1. Serwis umożliwia dodawanie ogłoszeń towarzyskich wyłącznie osobom pełnoletnim mającym w serwisie www.anonsik.pl zarejestrowane konto użytkownika dla dodawania ogłoszeń
    2. The fee for the activation and release an announcement depends on the advertising package you choose. The package sets the price for a specified period of publication for the selected category announcements.
    3. The fee for publishing the notice in the package can be reduced by using a promotional coupon or increased by the choice of additional awards.
    4. The final price for the selected package, taking into account any discounts or surcharges can be seen in the summary, in the third step of adding a form notice. The fee for the selected package along with any discounts or surcharges may vary depending on the selected payment methods available (online payment or premium sms).
    5. Advertisements should be added to the relevant categories as well as adhering to the principles described in the application form. Advertisements assigned to the wrong category or inconsistent of the above mentioned rules may be amended or deleted by the administrator.
    6. The fee for ads removed due to non-compliance with the rules, rules add announcements or assigned to the wrong category will not be refunded.
    7. Advertisement, podlegające opłacie A. opłacone w ciągu 24 hours from the time of notification and will be removed from the queue waiting for acceptance.
    8. Service user assumes total responsibility for the content of, pictures and all information contained in the notice.
    9. Adding notice, you represent, that:
      1. information contained in the contents are true,
      2. contact information and pictures relate only to the author of the notice or person for whom the agreement and on whose behalf the notice is published,
      3. content and data contained in the notice in no way affect the rights of third parties.
    10. Who presented their consents to the announcement:
      1. dissemination of its contents, photos and contact information through the publication of the magazine service,
      2. use by the editorial team, administrators or owners of site content, photos and contact information for commercial purposes,
      3. processing of your personal data for marketing service,
      4. placing the address and / or logo of the service on the published photographs of a notice,
      5. correction of the content and / or removal of the notice by the administrator or moderator to improve or correct errors related to spelling rules, and publishing content on the Internet,
      6. correction of the content and / or removal of the notice by the administrator or moderator in case of violations of the Rules Service.
    11. It is forbidden to:
      1. posting contact information or web addresses in the boxes dedicated to other information,
      2. fill in the form in block capitals,
      3. use in terms of the notice, or vulgar words, widely criticized as offensive,
      4. Add to declare the contents and images of illegal, Offensive, budzących disgust, vulgar or otherwise violate the rules of social,
      5. provide information knowingly misleading,
      6. advertise products, services, businesses and persons other than the subject of the notice.
    12. In case of failure to carry out the Rules website administrator can:
      1. adjust the content of the announcement, so that was in conformity with the rules,
      2. refuse to publish ads,
      3. remove the advertisements violate the rules,
      4. lock the account and the user's IP number in the event of breaches of ponawiających Rules.
    13. Violations of law, impersonating another person or to cause detriment to others will be reported to law enforcement authorities.
    14. Editors reserves the right to refuse to publish ads for any reason. In this case, the fare for publication will be returned.
    15. Editors reserves the right to refuse publication reported in a grossly negligent: with extremely poor content, contradictory information and / or bearing the extremely low quality pictures. In this case the fee paid for the publication of the notice shall not be returned.
  5. Final Provisions.
    1. Editors reserve the right to make changes in the above mentioned rules.
    2. Using the service is tantamount to acceptance Regulations in its current form.


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