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Making the shows on webcam

Articles | 13 September 2013

Zarabiane pieniędzy na kamerkach onlineIn recent times, a very popular way to earn money on the internet, especially for girls are erotic shows on webcam. This can be done in two ways: albo oferować bezpośrednio indywidualne sesje online np. through Skype – such private deals to be found, eg. on our website (Skype sex goes wrong) or the use of a specialized portal | Audio Video. This second method is so much better, that a good portal of this type visits many thousands of users, and so it is easier to obtain for such a willing sex show. On the other hand, however, on such sites is considerable competition among existing, and not to be reckoned with devotion part of the money earned through commissions for the portal.

In Poland, has actually only one of this type of service or Showup.tv, Only there you can find dozens of webcams online at one time and hence only this service attracts a sufficiently large number of viewers, who will earn anything occurring. Nevertheless, there also can not count on some gargantuan sum, to really earn a need is even greater scale. This portal gives you the possibility Livejasmin. It is currently the largest and most popular website of the world | Audio Video recorded with tens of thousands of accounts of giving sex shows, wherein at any time is available to several thousand shows online. District – this is just a big competition – this is true but considering, that the portal is visited by millions(!) users per day opportunities are enormous. Livejasmin to late May 2013 y is 61 Popularity ranking among all websites in the world! It is frequently visited than, say,: CNN, Flickr czy Redtube! It is not surprising, that the best performers (the person giving sex shows before | Audio Video) earn even more than a month 35 000 USD month. So, so – well over 100.000 PLN! These are indeed the best but the income of several thousand dollars are within reach of virtually every attractive and ready for a few hours a day of screenings girls (albo faceta).

Who can start instantly start making money? Every adult person. You must have Internet access and a computer with a webcam and register as a performer (person giving demonstrations). Of course, account registration and maintenance are completely free and your earned money is paid 2 times a month by bank transfer, by check or by Payoneer payment system. Live Jasmin to uznana wet, portal which is the global market leader for many years. Nie ma tu mowy o przekrętach, delays of payments etc. It should, however, adhere to the existing rules, particularly restrictive when it comes to placement and presentation of illegal contents and in particular the content and materials relating to persons under the age of 18 years.

Is to Make Money Livejasmin need to know foreign languages? It can not hurt, However, this is not a necessary condition. The portal is also available in Polish language (eg. www.sex-kamery.net) and you can communicate with the audience both verbally and through text chat. W tym drugim przypadku do komunikacji z Twoimi fanami wystarczy naprawdę znajomość kilku podstawowych zwrotów po angielsku. You will learn them very quickly :). This portal have the advantage, that use it mainly users outside the Polish, for which a person will be completely anonymous. The chance for a, see you with someone in your family or friends is very small. Additionally, you can further reduce this possibility by using lock your profile for users in Polish.

How to create an account and start making a webcam on Livejasmin:

  1. Visit the website Registration and click on the picture “Register Now”!
  2. On the next page'll go form “The registration procedure”. Then you can select “Simplified procedure”, then enter the user name, which will be wanted / and use, Set the password and enter your valid email address. Twoja nazwa użytkownika to będzie Twój pierwszy komunikat dla oglądających, So set yourself something “Sexy” :)
  3. Select “I have read, understood, and accept the Terms and Conditions…” that talked about, that you have read / been to and accept the terms of use of the portal and click “Approval” which will send the form.
  4. The email address provided on the form will come a message with a confirmation link, in which you must click to activate your account.
  5. In the next step you have to make your profile information by sending, among others, a scan or photo of your photo ID, which shows the date of your birth and your it legible image (with a visible face) na którym trzymasz swój dowód tożsamości. This is a necessary requirement for unambiguous confirmation of your identity and your age. Of course, these data are treated as confidential and will not be visible to other users. In addition to these data have 14 from the moment of sending the registration form, after this time, your account will be removed and you will need to perform the registration of new.

Jeżeli więc rozważasz możliwość zarabiania pieniędzy poprzez sex pokazy przed kamerką to zdecydowanie polecamy spróbowanie tego właśnie z portalem Livejasmin (or Polish version: www.sex-kamery.net – in practice it will be the same). Good luck, and high income!


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